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The Extra Terrestrial Mood Light

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The Extra Terrestrial Mood Light

Product Description

Official E.T. Merchandise

When are we ever not in the mood for a bit of E.T., right? Now with this E.T. moon-shaped lamp, we can relive the magic of one of cinema's all-time iconic scenes where Elliot's bike takes off into the air with E.T. nestled in the basket. Move the silhouette figures across the moon or sit back and simply enjoy the glow. The best thing? You'll be able to see the rewind button on your remote clearly, making rewatching and rewatching your fave 80s movie a doddle.

Made from plastic

Moon-shaped mood light with iconic bicycle silhouette detail

Measures approx. 20cm tall

Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)


100% official E.T. lighting