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VW Camper Van Heat Changing Mug

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VW Camper Van Heat Changing Mug

Product Description

Enjoy a nice hot cuppa at the campsite with this fun, stylish Campervan Heat Change Mug. Pour in your favourite hot beverage and watch as the Campervan’s interior appears. This ceramic mug has a heat changing decal that features the instantly recognisable, iconic 1960 VW T1 Campervan. When cold the Camper’s exterior is on show, and as soon as it gets warm the side of the van melts away to show you the seats inside. Perfect for use at home, or in your Camper when out and about, this Campervan Heat Change Mug makes a great gift for lovers of this iconic vehicle.

There are few vehicles that are as loved as the Volkswagen Campervan. This beautiful, retro camper is a true pop-culture icon worldwide, famed for its sleek design and pastel tones. This strong brand has a dedicated following, with die hard caper-holies spending up to £37k on the perfect find! The Campervan is not just a vehicle, it’s a lifestyle too.

The Campervan Heat Change Mug is an officially licensed Volkswagen product.