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Disney Princess Set Of Three Lunch B0xes

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Disney Princess Set Of Three Lunch B0xes

Product Description

Eat lunch like a princess with this stackable set of 3 Disney Princess plastic lunch boxes, each featuring a different magical heroine, including Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White. Each princess' name is written in calligraphy style print in the bottom left corner of each lunch box's lid, and comes in colourful teal for Cinderella, pink for Aurora and apple red for Snow White, with a white trim on each lid. Each lunch box also has a funny phrase related to it's princess, such as "Midnight feast", "Eat, drink, nap, repeat," and "Just one bite". Perfect for Disney fans who love to take snacks to work, school or university.

Dimensions: Large - 6.5 (h) x 11 (w) x 11 (d) cm, Medium - 5.5 (h) x 9.5 (w) x 9.5 (d) cm, Small 4.5 (h) x 8.5 (w) x 8.5 (d) cm 
Packaging: Sticker
Composition: Plastic